The beautiful gemstones used by Kalevala Jewelry are of the highest quality and where possible, Finnish. Only high-quality diamonds are used in diamond jewelry. Before a diamond or other gemstone can be set to a piece of Kalevala Jewelry it has to be carefully examined at our workshops.A Diamond Certificate that guarantees quality and authenticity is provided with diamond jewelry.

Kalevala Jewelry uses Finnish spectrolite in addition to various gemstones. Spectrolite is a Finnish stone that belongs to the group of labradorites. The stone can be found in Finland, mainly in the southeastern part of the country near the Ylämaa isthmus. All the colors of the spectrum are reflected in spectrolite in a joyful display of color. The stone is said to awaken a longing for beauty and creativity. The stone may also give rise to premonitions or presentiments about future events.

The value of a diamond is based on three unique factors: its weight, color and purity. The cut also impacts on the value as a quality factor. The rays of light of a correctly cut diamond are reflected back from the stone, giving the diamonds a magnificent brilliance.
The weight of a diamond is given in carats. One carat (abbreviated as ct) is 0.2 grams. The weight is given to the accuracy of two decimals and the rounding-off of numbers is not used


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